Supercar championships are all about speed. If you love to watch Bathurst 1000 live, you definitely want to know the top speed they can achieve. Well, the top speed of V8 supercars usually is 295-300km/h. Though these cars can go beyond these speeds, they are restricted due to safety reasons for the drivers, the racing car, and the fans. Several factors have a big play in achieving these speeds with the V8 supercar, as discussed below. 

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Engine The V8 supercars are designed with a front-engine with a rear-wheel drive. The engine must also be by Ford or Chevy and with a 5-liter capacity with the ability to produce 620 to 650 horsepower. It is also designed with a 10:1 compression ratio. The combined gearbox helps in reducing weight on the engine and enhancing the car to hit top speeds. 

  • Body 

Commonly, racing cars are designed with space frame construction. The design is meant to make the car pretty rigid and light at the same time. However, this is not commonly the case with V8 supercars whose body construction is based on Commodore and Falcon body shells. 

  • Aerodynamics 

The V8 supercar is constructed with similar aerodynamic packages. This includes the same type of air dam, spoilers on both the front and side skirts. The drivers can control the aerodynamics as they please. 

  • Suspension 

The front suspension of a V8 supercar uses a double-wishbone suspension, while the rear one uses a stable axle suspension. 

  • Brakes 

The brake system is made of steel. This is unlike most other cars that come with carbon brakes. 

  • Tires 

For each race, driving teams are allocated a particular set of tires. Typically, one set of the tires is designed with soft construction, while the other set, also known as control tire, comes a standard for all the V8 supercars. 

  • Insurance 

Though it’s not a direct factor in V8 cars’ speed, insurance also has a significant role here because it’s basically a speed sport. At 300km/hr speeds, accidents are bound to happen; thus, insurance is needed both for the race cars and the drivers. In racing, the drivers have sponsors, and some get an insurance cover in an instance where the sponsor is an insurance company. 

Moreover, the pit crew is generally employed by a particular racing team, and the drivers get some benefits if they are hurt while in the field. With racing cars, they are insured by insurance companies dealing with motorsports insurance. 

Despite the speed limit, the V8 supercar officials are thinking of introducing the drop gear modification, which will help in increasing the car speed. This is because the rev-limiter has always been the biggest hurdle in hitting top speeds. The drop gear plug and play update is expected to cost $500 per car. Nevertheless, achieving top speeds than usual is determined by the weather and track conditions as well. 


If you have been following the golf sport, you will neither doubt me nor disagree that Tiger woods is among the most accomplished golfers of all time. The 81 PGA championship victories and 15 pro major titles put him among the greatest golfers of all time.

These victories have landed him into a lucrative deal that has contributed to hefty net worth. Do you know how much is tiger woods worth right now?

Tiger Wood is $740 million worth 

It can be surprising to mention that Tiger Wood is $740 worth, but since turning pro in 1996, the wealth can be higher than that. For all these years, woods have amassed great deals and victories.

Specifically, the victories on the PGA Tour have earned him millions of prize money. Though, this is a mere 10% of his total net worth. The large percentage comes from his sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Among the mainstream deals includes the one he signed with NIKE, EA Sports, Gatorade, Rolex, and many others.

The deals come all along from his successful amateur career. Starting in 1996, he won three straight U.S amateur titles that saw him rank at 33 by world golf ranking.

Woods didn’t stop there. He continued to prosper for the next years that followed and became the youngest golfer to hold the top rank on world golf ranking. In fact, in 1997 won his first major and since then has dominated the sport.

In 2001, we witnessed him become the first man to win all the four major championships at once.

Last note

This is the man that we are waiting to see if he can cut in this coming PGA championship. If you are also eager to see if he can succeed, then you can access the live broadcast through golf live stream.


The Grand National has become a part of British culture; the handicap steeplechase race started some two centuries and has since become one of the most celebrated horse racing events in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, it is widely known that many people who don’t regularly watch or partake in horse race betting attend the 3-day event.

The annual event takes place at Aintree, Liverpool and the 2020 edition will hold between the 4th of April and 6th of April. Grand National is not only the biggest event in the horse racing calendar, but it also offers the biggest prize fund (a feat that is unmatched anywhere in Europe).

ITV acquired the broadcasting rights of the event in a 4-year deal in 2017. The deal runs out in 2020, meaning this will be the last edition. For people living in the United Kingdom, they can watch the race on ITV if they own cable. Those who prefer to watch on their mobile devices can watch by streaming Grand National live on the ITV website or ITV player app. The ITV hub app is available on streaming services such as Amazon Fire and Roku.

The Grand National 2020 is watched by over 600 million throughout the world. Most of these people live outside of the United Kingdom, which means they won’t have direct access to watch the race on ITV.

Fans living outside the UK can use a virtual private network to get access to live streams of the event anywhere in the world. The VPN changes your IP address to a server in another region (this time UK) and gives you secured and encrypted access to live-action of the Grand National.

The best VPN to use for this is ExpressVPN. It is rated the best in the world and is compatible with several devices such as smartphones, iPads, Fire stick, PC, Mac and many more.


If you are an avid golf fan, then you cannot miss a single moment of the tournaments. Streaming the US Open Golf tournament live is a way that you can get a minute by minute broadcast whether you are at home or working. Streaming the tournament using your mobile devices may be the only way to watch the tournament during the day.

If this sounds like you, we have some ways that you can watch the US Open golf tournament on your mobile devices. These are a few of the best ways you can stream the US Open golf championship live.

You can stream US Open golf live on your phone, tablet, or a streaming device. These types of devices are Roku or Apple TV. All you need to do is download the FOX Sports GO app on any device.

There is also an official 2020 US Open Golf Championship app that is available on the Android devices. With this app, you can watch three channels of live streaming coverage from Pebble Beach. You will get featured groups and featured holes through the app.

There are real-time player highlights and even get alerts on your favorite golfers throughout the tournament. The US Open app is a lot like the tournament’s web site and offers you a lot of live TV. You will get a lot of streaming coverage.

There is another option, is another alternative to watch the tournament on your mobile devices. Watching the US Open from your mobile devices is easy and there are many apps available for you to download and watch. With any of these apps, you will get a lot of coverage from Pebble Beach and never miss a thing. These are all great options for you to watch. Now, you can watch every moment on the go.


The State of Origin series is an annual rugby league competition that involves two representatives from the Australian States, Queensland Maroons, and New South Wales Blues. The competition started in the year 1980 – which was the inaugural season – and became instituted two years later in 1982.

The format used is a best-of-three match and it has gone on to be regarded as the greatest rivalry in Australian rugby history. The series is one of the biggest sporting events in the country and it is watched by a huge audience on television and online.

Players that compete in the State of Origin Series are described to have reached the top of the rugby league and many Australians believe the series to be on par with other international competitions. Also, players are selected to represent any of the two teams that are in the state where they played their first rugby league game.

The State of Origin Series as we now know of it today wasn’t what it used to be. In fact, the very first forms of ‘state of origin competition’ were somewhat experimental. It was only after successful experimentation of series in those two years that interest soared. The fans wanted more of the series and the authorities saw that it was also viable.

The first three State of Origin Series was won by Queensland Maroons; they recorded all three victories with a 2 to 1 win. However, in 1985, the New South Wales recorded its very first Series win under the leadership of captain, Steve Mortimer. The most impressive part of this shield triumph was that they won in a complete sweep of the series; winning 3-0 to complete the very first whitewash.

New South Wales are the current title holders and you can watch State of Origin Game on Nine Network.


Racing fans always get a chance to rejoice when Australian Grand Prix annual racing event approaches. As has been the case from 1996, the event will be held at Albert Park, Melbourne. Drivers race 58 laps, approximately 307.554 kilometers. Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vessels have emerged the winners for the last two years, respectively.

watch Australian Grand Prix from the United Kingdom

To watch Australian Grand Prix from the United Kingdom, tune in to Sky Sports channel. Each session is aired on this dedicated channel to keep up with all that is happening at the event. The channel is popular for its effectiveness in terms of real-time broadcasting. Millions of Australian Grand Prix fans depend on the channel to witness the spectacular race.

Sky Go App is also available. With it, you can subscribe to Sky Sports F1 and watch all the activities on the move at the palm of your hand. Sky Go App makes it convenient for you to easily catch up with Australian Grand Prix from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

If you are a non-Sky Sport subscriber, you have an alternative to watching the race on TV. Order a Now TV Day Pass and witness all the coverage of Sky Sport on your smart TV, Personal Computer, mobile device, or tablet. Most people who want to watch Australian Grand Prix at home purchase NOW TV Day Pass.

Live streaming the race is also a preference for many people. To achieve this, log into your Sky Go account, select an option for Australian Grand Prix Live streaming and enjoy watching.

F1 TV Pro works for spectators in different territories. It a good channel that offers live coverage for all sessions, with its exclusive angles making it so effective in terms of full coverage. F1 TV Pro is available in the United Kingdom, but you can always visit the F1 website and confirm its availability in your particular location. Among several devices, F1 TV Pro is available in mobile providers and Personal Computers Operating systems.


Rugby is a tough sport that has a lot of fans across the Globe. While it is convenient to see Rugby on TV in those countries which compete in the Six Nations (France, England, Ireland, Italy, Wales, and Scotland), it can be tough for streaming this game in the rest of the world. Fortunately, there are methods to view Six Nations Rugby Live stream, irrespective of your geographical location. The simplest way of doing this is through a VPN.

The Six Nations Championship is the year’s most awaited competition of the Rugby Union.

Do you wish to watch the Six Nations Abroad? You can use the VPN for getting the temporary UK IP address and enjoy the game on your Couch. For unblocking any one of the Six Nations Rugby live stream channels overseas, you are required to spoof the online location.

Say, you wish to watch ITV live or BBC iPlayer outside the UK, then for doing so, you should have the UK IP address. This is because your existing IP address reveals the location to the geo-restricted channel you are attempting to view. Through hiding the real IP, that particular channel will believe that you are in the region where their live stream is accessible.

You might require the VPN for watching Rugby in case any one of the below-mentioned things is applicable to you –

In case you are on holiday in the country where they don’t air rugby games.

If the rugby game you wish to see isn’t aired in the country.

In case you have the subscription to, the English Channel which broadcasts Rugby, but you are not in England.

To make sure that you can watch Six Nations Rugby Live stream, you can install the VPN for bypassing geographical restrictions.

Follow these 5 steps for unblocking Six Nations in just a matter of minutes –

1. Subscribe to the VPN service. To watch the Six Nations Rugby Live, it is suggested that you should choose a reliable VPN provider that has ultra-fast servers in the UK which are the best to stream the game.

2. Download as well as Install VPN client software onto the device.

3. Connect to the UK server for streaming Six Nations.

4. Visit the UK streaming site which is displaying the game (ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer).

5. Relax and make the most of your time by enjoying the unrestricted access to Six Nations, thanks to the VPN.

In case you are the Rugby fan, now you can watch the whole Six Nations Rugby Championship online. Opt for a cheap, reliable, and well-known VPN Service that has a good reputation in the industry. Through this, you can pretend to be in the UK for watching every match displayed on the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.


On February 22, 2020, the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will air live on Pay-per-view. The Wilder vs Fury live stream will be online for sure. These two heavyweights cannot wait to get back in the ring and go glove to glove yet again.

Wilder vs Fury live stream

These two boxers met in December 2018, in the exciting fight of the month. Wilder stayed the WBC heavyweight titleholder after the controversial split draw decision.

This rematch has been confirmed, however, there are still many details that have to be worked out and finalized.

For example, there is not a set venue as of now that the rematch will take place. Las Vegas New York City are the options and most likely locations. The Staples Center was where these two first met one another in the ring. It was a disappointment because the fight failed to sell out.

No one has confirmed a time yet for the bout. Usually, the main events in Las Vegas start between 10 pm and 11 pm Eastern Standard time. Fury has signed on with ESPN and the deal is very lucrative. Therefore, it will probably be airing live on ESPN as well as the pay-per-view in the UK that is on BT Sport Box Office. This is available on most boxes for a fee.

Watching the rematch in the United States will not be difficult. Fans can check out the rematch live streaming on DAZN as well. You can subscribe to the DAZN platform and order the monthly service and pay only $8.33 each month. An annual pass provides you with other fight coverage throughout the year.

To find out more about the rematch between Fury and Wilder, stay tuned to ESPN or your local boxing news network. We will announce the info as soon as we receive it as well.


What channel is the NFR rodeo on?

It’s that time of year when all the fans of cowboys and rodeos want to watch the NFR Championships. One of the questions on everyone’s minds is where to watch the NFR. There is a NFR live TV channel that fans of the rodeo can watch and enjoy seeing their favorite cowboys on television.

Las Vegas Is The Place

When the National Finals Rodeo comes to Las Vegas, fans from all over the world buy tickets and get ready to cheer for their favorite cowboys. The NFR Championships take place on December 5th and go for ten days. The final rounds will take place on December 14th and fans can watch events every night!

The events that take place this year will be:

  •  Bull Riding
  •  Barrel Racing
  • Tie-Down Roping
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
  •  Team Roping
  •  Steer Wrestling
  •  Bareback Riding

Fans of the NFR can watch all of the events on CBS Sports Network and the events will be broadcast live from the Thomas and Mack Center. They will hold interviews and post the standings of all of your favorite cowboys. You won’t miss anything when you watch the NFR with CBS Sports.

If you have DISH Network, you can catch all of the events as well. The NFR will be broadcast on DISH Channel 158 and DirecTV Channel 221. As you can see, there are quite a few options for watching the NFR and you will not miss anything if you have these channels. If you are unable to watch the NFR on any of these channels, the Pro Rodeo TV channel will also be broadcasting the events. A lot of these services are subscription services and there are a few that you can sign up for a free trial to catch most of the NFR.

The Wrangler NFR channel costs $39.99 and will give you all access to the NFR Championships. You will get to see all of the rodeo action even when the Championships are over. This is a great place to watch and you will really get to know the cowboys and see how well they do in their events. It is a special time a year when the cowboys are strapping on their boots and getting prepared for their big events. There are now more ways to watch the NFR Championships than ever. If you miss any of the action this year, you can be sure to catch all of the action online on the different streaming apps and channels.


How can I watch Denver Broncos game on Hulu

The Denver Broncos season is about to begin, and fans are very excited to be rooting on their favorite team. Watching the Denver Broncos games are easier than ever before. In fact, the Broncos game online is easily accessible and recommended by many. Watching the Denver Broncos on Hulu is also suggested by other fans. We the ways you can watch the Denver Broncos on Hulu.

Broncos NFL game on Hulu

You may know about Hulu and the brand. Hulu was an on-demand service to watch old TV shows, movies and more. Now Hulu has changed. It now offers Live TV with the subscription. This is one of the best options for you to watch your favorite NFL team because it offers live TV broadcasts aired on NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN. You do not have the option to get the NFL Network or NFL Red Zone though.

This means you cannot watch the games that are exclusive to those channels. That will be the Thursday night football games that you will miss out on.

Hulu only offers one live streaming TV package which will cost you $44.99 per month. In addition to the sports that you will get, Hulu plus Live TV will provide over 60 channels too. You will have FS1, Fox Sports, TNT, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, FX, and much more.

What is even better about Hulu? At this time, they are offering new customers a free 30-day trial. This will help you check out what Hulu has available. And you can see for yourself what all Hulu has to offer. You can also watch the Superbowl on Hulu this season. Hulu has this TV experience covered for you. All you need to watch the Super Bowl this season on Hulu is a subscription, a live TV supported device and local affiliate network coverage.