History of the State of Origin

The State of Origin series is an annual rugby league competition that involves two representatives from the Australian States, Queensland Maroons, and New South Wales Blues. The competition started in the year 1980 – which was the inaugural season – and became instituted two years later in 1982.

The format used is a best-of-three match and it has gone on to be regarded as the greatest rivalry in Australian rugby history. The series is one of the biggest sporting events in the country and it is watched by a huge audience on television and online.

Players that compete in the State of Origin Series are described to have reached the top of the rugby league and many Australians believe the series to be on par with other international competitions. Also, players are selected to represent any of the two teams that are in the state where they played their first rugby league game.

The State of Origin Series as we now know of it today wasn’t what it used to be. In fact, the very first forms of ‘state of origin competition’ were somewhat experimental. It was only after successful experimentation of series in those two years that interest soared. The fans wanted more of the series and the authorities saw that it was also viable.

The first three State of Origin Series was won by Queensland Maroons; they recorded all three victories with a 2 to 1 win. However, in 1985, the New South Wales recorded its very first Series win under the leadership of captain, Steve Mortimer. The most impressive part of this shield triumph was that they won in a complete sweep of the series; winning 3-0 to complete the very first whitewash.

New South Wales are the current title holders and you can watch State of Origin Game on Nine Network.

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