How Much Is Tiger Woods worth right now?

If you have been following the golf sport, you will neither doubt me nor disagree that Tiger woods is among the most accomplished golfers of all time. The 81 PGA championship victories and 15 pro major titles put him among the greatest golfers of all time.

These victories have landed him into a lucrative deal that has contributed to hefty net worth. Do you know how much is tiger woods worth right now?

Tiger Wood is $740 million worth 

It can be surprising to mention that Tiger Wood is $740 worth, but since turning pro in 1996, the wealth can be higher than that. For all these years, woods have amassed great deals and victories.

Specifically, the victories on the PGA Tour have earned him millions of prize money. Though, this is a mere 10% of his total net worth. The large percentage comes from his sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Among the mainstream deals includes the one he signed with NIKE, EA Sports, Gatorade, Rolex, and many others.

The deals come all along from his successful amateur career. Starting in 1996, he won three straight U.S amateur titles that saw him rank at 33 by world golf ranking.

Woods didn’t stop there. He continued to prosper for the next years that followed and became the youngest golfer to hold the top rank on world golf ranking. In fact, in 1997 won his first major and since then has dominated the sport.

In 2001, we witnessed him become the first man to win all the four major championships at once.

Last note

This is the man that we are waiting to see if he can cut in this coming PGA championship. If you are also eager to see if he can succeed, then you can access the live broadcast through golf live stream.

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