Supercar championships are all about speed. If you love to watch Bathurst 1000 live, you definitely want to know the top speed they can achieve. Well, the top speed of V8 supercars usually is 295-300km/h. Though these cars can go beyond these speeds, they are restricted due to safety reasons for the drivers, the racing car, and the fans. Several factors have a big play in achieving these speeds with the V8 supercar, as discussed below. 

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Engine The V8 supercars are designed with a front-engine with a rear-wheel drive. The engine must also be by Ford or Chevy and with a 5-liter capacity with the ability to produce 620 to 650 horsepower. It is also designed with a 10:1 compression ratio. The combined gearbox helps in reducing weight on the engine and enhancing the car to hit top speeds. 

  • Body 

Commonly, racing cars are designed with space frame construction. The design is meant to make the car pretty rigid and light at the same time. However, this is not commonly the case with V8 supercars whose body construction is based on Commodore and Falcon body shells. 

  • Aerodynamics 

The V8 supercar is constructed with similar aerodynamic packages. This includes the same type of air dam, spoilers on both the front and side skirts. The drivers can control the aerodynamics as they please. 

  • Suspension 

The front suspension of a V8 supercar uses a double-wishbone suspension, while the rear one uses a stable axle suspension. 

  • Brakes 

The brake system is made of steel. This is unlike most other cars that come with carbon brakes. 

  • Tires 

For each race, driving teams are allocated a particular set of tires. Typically, one set of the tires is designed with soft construction, while the other set, also known as control tire, comes a standard for all the V8 supercars. 

  • Insurance 

Though it’s not a direct factor in V8 cars’ speed, insurance also has a significant role here because it’s basically a speed sport. At 300km/hr speeds, accidents are bound to happen; thus, insurance is needed both for the race cars and the drivers. In racing, the drivers have sponsors, and some get an insurance cover in an instance where the sponsor is an insurance company. 

Moreover, the pit crew is generally employed by a particular racing team, and the drivers get some benefits if they are hurt while in the field. With racing cars, they are insured by insurance companies dealing with motorsports insurance. 

Despite the speed limit, the V8 supercar officials are thinking of introducing the drop gear modification, which will help in increasing the car speed. This is because the rev-limiter has always been the biggest hurdle in hitting top speeds. The drop gear plug and play update is expected to cost $500 per car. Nevertheless, achieving top speeds than usual is determined by the weather and track conditions as well.